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Asia Fineline Stainless steel Kitchen

Among India’s many Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, Asia Fineline sets itself apart from the rest of the field with a name you can trust. With years of experience in the pigment business of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturing & Trading, Asia FineLine is an Indian company with a global perspective and a sister concern of Shiva Kitchen Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

We are proud to inform you that we are now equipped with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine for Cutting, Punching & Bending. The Pre-Polished Stainless Steel Sheet from Jindal Steel (304 SS Food Grade) assures you the Fine Finish and Exact Measurement with the Accuracy of your Stainless steel-made modular Kitchen Equipment. We also have Stud Welding Machine along with Riveting Machine.

Every home's heart beats in the kitchen, and Asia Fineline's Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen is sure to make it beat!

In the modern home, the Kitchen is the essential element. It can act as an entertainment center, party venue, dining room, and social hub all rolled into one. Even though the Kitchen is changing in many ways, its main functions will stay the same: storage and food preparation. Since the average home serves at least two meals a day, it’s easy to see why it’s such an essential part of a home. The kitchen area has to be designed and organized with hygiene and efficiency at the forefront. 

Asia Fineline is designed with all the above inputs to provide a hygienic and space-efficient solution to all your cooking and storage needs. The importance and popularity of the Kitchen in the modern home will only increase. Asia Fineline could be the difference between a friendly and great kitchen.

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Asia Fineline is a unit of Shiva Kitchen Equipment Pvt ltd, an ISO 9001 2008-approved company. It is a leading engineering house for designing, fabricating, and installing commercial Kitchen equipment, restaurant appliances, and canteen kitchen equipment for industrial kitchens, hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs & hospitals.

Asia Fineline and Shiva Kitchen Equipment Pvt Ltd is a reputable and trustworthy name in the Stainless Steel commercial and modular kitchen industry. The company is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, importer, and exporter of high-quality commercial kitchen appliances. We are the first in East India to set up and install a CNC turret punch & press brake CNC machine for our manufacturing unit. It enables us with high-quality sheet metal work & the products we design are the best in their class.

We provide quality services in planning, custom designing, manufacturing, installing, and commissioning. And after-sales support. Our client base extends to renowned industries.


Shiva Kitchen Equipment Pvt Ltd – The new corporate rising star with diverse manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting operations in commercial kitchen equipment. We are ready to change the business paradigms in this field.

10 April 2008: Incorporation as a Private Limited Company
We are a market-leading provider of commercial kitchen equipment to hotels, restaurants, canteens, industrial kitchens, pubs, clubs, and hospitals, among other hospitality-related establishments.

Our 30,000-square-foot production facility is a state-of-the-art facility that just added a Japanese CNC laser punching machine and a CNC press brake machine. We can now separate ourselves from other manufacturers by adhering to stringent manufacturing and product quality standards. Following international requirements and norms

Due to the exceptional quality of our products, we have amassed an impressive customer base across the sector.
We have built an unrivaled position in the domestic market due to the following distinguishing qualities:


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Star of Working Atmosphere

Our Services

We are making such hallmark products in the 30,000 Sq.ft area at our Liluah factory and in a 70,000 sq ft. area at Dankuni in Durgapur expressway. We have a dedicated team of people working in our design department, R&D department, and quality control department & production department. Shiva Kitchen Equipments are world-class.


To aim for and establish ourselves as the industry leaders in manufacturing high-quality stainless-steel modular kitchen equipment and dependable service.


To build a well-satisfied client base by providing a high-quality stainless-steel modular kitchen and rapid customer service.


We follow well-defined quality control guidelines at all stages of our manufacturing process to assure flawless quality.


We are fully backed by an extensive distribution network, allowing complete orders on time and within tight constraints, distinguishing us from other participants in the Indian market.


Everything we do focuses on obtaining the most incredible customer satisfaction possible. We guarantee quality products at reasonable prices, on-time delivery schedules, and open and transparent business methods.


We want to expedite the generation of innovation that directly connects to genuine écontimic value and creates trust with our Clientele and prospects.

A Stainless Steel Kitchen is the ultimate solution

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel’s ability to reflect light from all directions is one of the most appealing features of a stainless steel modular kitchen. This optical trick may make a kitchen look bigger and brighter. * Stainless steel is a more environmentally friendly option for your Kitchen because it does not release hazardous chemicals throughout the cooking process. WPC, Ply, and PVC is familiar places to find them. Elegance- Today’s sophisticated eating demands something more refined than a modular kitchen clad in stainless steel. As a durable material, stainless steel benefits from being both rustproof and easy to maintain.

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Why Asia Fineline?

  • All Stainless Steel Cabinet Construction.
  • Quick-connect assembly method protected by patent.
  • Fifteen Years Warranty On Stainless Steel cabinets.
  • International Module Size and Component Standards are met.
  • Short Time For Site Installation.
  • Designers of International Repute.
  • Economical Kitchen Solutions And Real Value For Money.
  • 30000sq.ft. of World Class Manufacturing Plant.
  • Using Latest Italian And Japanese Machines With International Norms In Manufacturing.
  • Pre-Packed ”Knockdown” Modules, Hence, Short Delivery And Installation Time.
  • Designed By Renowned Industrial.

Premium products + Competent and efficient team

We provide the best quality stainless steel in Kolkata modular kitchen with the best finishing

We have a cooperative team full of talented, knowledgeable employees, hard workers, and professionals. Our team of creative experts helps us at each step to keep ourselves on par with the most current market demands. These experts use their expertise to attain the objectives of the business. Our experts know the customer’s request and make these products per their needs.

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